G&Z Safety

"It's simple, if our employees don't go home each day safely we have failed."

By stressing safety and environmental training at all employment levels, G&Z Transport, LLC aims to instill in our people a sense of pride in providing a safe, drug free and environmentally secure work place. It is our belief that the management, employee, independent contractor and our customer must all work together to reduce accidents in our industry. Safety and environmental excellence can only be achieved through careful planning and active participation among all these stakeholders.

An integral component of safety is training, and at G&Z Transport this is ongoing. Our training addresses not only job-specific safety instruction and equipment inspection and preventative maintenance, but also employee-oriented courses such PEC Premiere Safe land training.

Our objective is to have the best-trained people in the business.

We continue to work on our environmental responsibility that extends above and beyond the minimum requirements of the industry and government regulatory agencies. We continue to invest in a fuel-efficient, low-emission and noise-reduced fleet of trucks along with cameras and ongoing monitoring of our equipment out on the road to ensure the safest fleet in the business.